Spr ’19 Mid-Season Power Rankings (Sun)

Friday, May 31, 2019



1) THE LIZARDS (3-0): The perennial D1 contenders made some roster adjustments to move down to D2, but they’re probably still more a D1.5 team right now. This is going to be a really tough team to beat.

2) NYC GRITTY COMMITTEE (3-0): The veterans Gritty make a return to Sundays with former MVP (F) Chris Youn at the helm (avg nearly a triple double!). NGC always carries a short roster, but with Youn carefully plotting the tempo, they will always be a contender come playoff time.

3) RAINING SPLAPPA (2-1): Explosive scorer (G) Daren Seto is on a record-setting pace right now, scoring 44 ppg. No one can predict how long he can keep it up, but if he does, this team can beat anyone.

4) THANK U, NEXT (2-2): Defending champs lost (G) David Chu this season, but (G) Kurt Samuel has stepped up with 18.8 ppg. The scoring is a bit more balanced with (F) Enoch Han joining the team and the defense looks more fluid this season. That should help defend their title when the time comes.


5) MAKE IT REIGN MAN (2-2): They’re still in the mix with (F) Young Yu putting up one of his most efficient seasons ever, contributing all across the board. The Reign Men are an interesting dark horse candidate with plenty of veteran talent.

6) KEEP THAT SAME ENERGY (1-2): They have better scoring this season and (G) Jeremy Klappe is picking up right where he left off last winter. He and (G) Travis Gardner might be the most potent guard scoring duo in D2. But the lack of depth may be an issue come playoff time.

7) UNITED NATIONS (1-3): UNN have more balanced scoring this season with (F) Isaac Radnitzer lights out at 59% FGs and (F/C) Omer Khan stepping up on both sides of the ball. But for some reason that hasn’t translated to many wins. Other teams have improved, but the difference isn’t this much.

8) NYC HUSTLERS (1-3): The relatively new Hustlers have some really great pieces on the roster, but for whatever reason, it just hasn’t clicked yet this season. Like UNN,’s case the comp has been very steep, but on paper, HUS should be right there.

9) GILET JAUNES (1-3): The newbie franchise has the biggest front-line in D2 and they have shown signs this season that they could make the jump. Since all teams make playoffs this spring, there would be no better timing than to have it happen in the post-season.



1) OMB (3-0): This team is stacked and on the verge of being bumped to D2, but until then, they’re still looking for their first D3 championship. This is the most imposing front-line in the division and (F) Seung Lim and (F/C) Nick Liveris are both having throwback seasons.

2) 50 SHADES OF KLAY (3-0): Also returning with a stacked roster this spring, it was baffling that they didn’t win it last season. They will contend again to win their 3rd D3 title. (G) “Fast Eddie” Tsao is looking more like his old self this season, so that’s yet another big scoring option to watch out for.

3) THUNDER (2-1): It’s a testament to their staying power that with all these teams stacking their roster, the Thunder are still right their in title contention with the usual suspects. The numbers for (G) Leuis Ng are down, but don’t be surprised if he’s just laying low, waiting for the post-season to turn up.


4) NO FLY ZONE OG (2-2): Their wins have looked solid, but their losses have not been pretty. This is a veteran team led by one of TDL’s all-time most prolific scorers in (G) Kash Miah, but the defense may be a little suspect.

5) BALL IS LIFE (2-2): BIL (F) Harry Chiel has made a huge and very obvious difference, avg almost 20 & 10 and shooting at a blistering 65% clip. They have great defensive pieces around him with solid scoring from the wings. It would not be shocking if BIL made a run at the title this season.

6) SWISH CHEESE (1-3): Tough first half for the defending champs, but luckily this season, every team will make the playoffs. So even if they have climb their way back to the top from the very bottom, they have the balance, personnel and pedigree to do it.

7) TAP NY (1-3): After one of their best seasons last winter, TAP has somehow taken a step back this season. Back-to-back D3 MVP (G) Will Chu‘s numbers are way down, which explains it, but what does that mean for TAP’s playoff hopes this season after consecutive trips to the title game?

8) CANNED SWEET CORN (1-2): A new franchise in the mix, CSN has some nice pieces including floor leader (G) Kelvin Duen who does a great job of setting the table for his team. With some time, this team could make move up the ladder.

9) GOON SQUAD (1-3): The Goonies have struggled a bit with attendance this season and they have struggled again with consistent scoring. 6-4 (C) Raghu Vaidyanathan can be a force in the paint when available, but he has missed most of GOO’s games to this point.