Spr ’19 Mid-Season Power Rankings (WN)

Monday, May 13, 2019


1) NY DREAM (3-0): Just as last season, the Dream aren’t ushering in a new class of Premier teams so much as they are the new class. No team has ever had a bigger, most talented roster.

2) NYK SPARTANS (3-1): With (G) Josh Hyon (23 ppg, 49% FGs) back in the line-up, the Spartans are playing good ball, easily holding the #2 spot.

3) THE ARENA BK (2-1): Last season’s breakout star (F) Noah Levine is back with (G/F) Adio Ash stepping up this season. Arena has been uneven so far, but they earned a solid win vs DYN.

4) NY DYNASTY (0-3): Deceiving record as Dynasty have only played Top 3 teams. No one has played #1 DRE as well as they have, losing by one possession. This is a deep, veteran roster.

5) GET THE STRAP (1-2): Still not clear whether (C) Anthony Cox and (G) Marquis Johnson will be joining the roster, key members of last season’s tough squad. If not, it’s a long road ahead.

6) WHO’S GOT NEXT? (1-2): Veteran (G) Emery Clark‘s roster is undersized for Premier, even losing an inter-divisional game. But they also netted a win vs #3 ABK, so anything’s possible?


1) CCB (3-1): Only loss came in an inter-divisional game vs NY Dream. They haven’t dominated per se, but there are some studs on this roster led by (G) Austin Cagley (24.3 ppg, 4.7 apg).

2) HONEY BADGERS (2-1): Same as it ever was. The 4-time champions are back with the same core for one last dance with captain (G) Alex Tsay.

3) GAWD SHAM-GAWDS (2-1): Last season’s defensive squad has some new faces, none more welcome perhaps than (G) Jean Joseph who has provided the scoring they needed last season.

4) AGE UP THERE (1-3): How this team is 1-3 is a mystery. They certainly look the part as contenders, but the Age have to finish strong to prove it.

5) FREE AGENTS (1-1): Still not completely certain of who’s on this roster yet, but if it’s what we saw in Week 4, they have a shot to win it all.

6) PREMATURE SHOOTERS (0-3): Captain (G) Dan Kennelly has added a lot of great pieces on paper, but they mostly haven’t made enough games to be the impact he perhaps envisioned.



1) SHAWN KEMP’S KIDS (4-0): With a perfect record and wins over NGC and YOL, SKK have ascended as the team to beat, led by (G) Donovan Walsh (21.8 ppg).

2) BOMB SQUAD (4-1): Bombers took a surprising L to UBC, but bounced back with a decisive win over struggling GMM. Champs haven’t missed a beat in “last dance” season for (G) Alex Tsay.

3) YOLO (2-1): Adding (G/F) Matt Birtwell gives YOLO the kind of effort player that makes everyone better around him. They don’t score well, but they smother you with physical defense.

4) UNCLE BOUGHT A COW (3-1): Just as we were ready to anoint UBC, they took a stunning loss to YOL. This is a very deep D2, but UBC is still right in the mix.

5) NYC GRITTY COMMITTEE (2-2): Knowing Gritty is knowing they won’t be down here long. Notorious slow-starters, this team will contend every season, especially if you sleep on them.


6) ANKLE ROULETTE (2-1): Might need another couple of games to confirm, but Roulette looks good. (F/C) Luis Diaz is a beast.

7) UNIBALLERS (1-2): Any team with explosive (G/F) Daren Seto can make a run. Win over #6 ANK has them trending up.

8) FALCONS 2.0 (2-1): Team is a complete wild card, but they have two solid wins.

9) THE STREET (1-2): The one thing you can count on here is relentless effort. If Street can develop cohesion offensively, you never know.

10) THE ROCK STARS (1-3): Great back court has yet to play together. ROC are a veteran team who can make a push, but it’s now or never.

11) THE UNIT (1-3): Unit has competed well in every game this season, but they need to turn that effort into wins asap.

12) GUARD ME MAYBE (0-3): A major need at PG may be met next season, but until then, the Maybes are struggling.



1) OMB (4-0): A potent offense with veteran (G/F) Jerry Ho playing perhaps the best basketball of his career has OMB dominating this season.

2) SPAGHETTI RAMEN (3-1): The long-running Ramen dynasty lost (F) Mike Ha but picked up (G) Will Chu. That is a potent guard lineup, the best in D3.

3) NYC GRITTY COMMITTEE (3-1): A perennial contender, (G/F) Mark Lee is out but (G/F) Steve Chung is ably filling in. (G) David Chu (21.3 ppg, 5.3 3pg) still leading the way.

4) 30-FOR-30 (2-1): This veteran group has been quiet, but right in the mix. It’s always a deep West, but 30F is as good a contender as any if they can get hot into the post-season.

5) PAW PATROL (2-1): This is still a team built around (G) Tony Cuadrado but now captain (F/C) Jason Chan is finally playing like Jason Chan again, and adding (G/F) Jaquan Mullins has had a PJ Tucker-like affect.

6) SMASH N BOUNCE (1-3): After dominating the East for consecutive seasons, SNB has found that there is far less room for error in the West. They still have a shot to make the playoffs, but it won’t be easy.

7) TEAM SKY (0-3): Sky debuted well in D3 Sun last season, but hasn’t won yet on weeknights, despite solid efforts. There are plenty of pieces here, however, led by veteran (F) Young Yu playing solid all-around ball.

8) NO FLY ZONE ULTRA (1-3): Another team struggling with the jump to the West. New adds (G/F) Phillip Moon and (F/C) David Liu should have helped the transition, but NFZ has struggled with cohesion.


1) MANY SAINTS OF E-WOOD (3-0): You might not be able to tell just by looking at them, this is a pretty stacked squad. No team can say they play harder, and few teams can put up these kinds of numbers and get wins too.

2) WOLFPACK (3-1): WLF fields an insanely huge front-court led by (F/C) John Simmons and (C) Norbert Allen. There might not be a team in the East that can beat them this season.

3) PNEST1 (2-1): Adding (F) Kyle Wilson to an already potent offense has PS1 in a position to be a dark horse coming out of the East. Wilson has been huge for PS1 on both sides of the ball.

4) WOLVERINES (2-2): The veteran Wolverines were relegated to the East and they have improved, but so has the East. This is a team with plenty of playoff experience, however, and if they get there, they can make a run.

5) SWISHING & DISHING (1-3): Despite the record, the Swishers have looked pretty solid, challenging the top teams in the East. If they can find a way to make the playoffs, they could make some noise.

6) #69 CHICKEN & BROCCOLI (1-3): CNB looks much more cohesive after a full season together, but they left a couple of attainable wins on the table. They’re still in it, but they need wins now.

7) THE RENEGADES (1-2): Renegades (F/C) Kyle O’Reilly is putting up great numbers but REN have struggled against the East’s upper tier. Perimeter offense has been tough to come by.

8) NY BRICKS (0-4): The Bricks play every game to improve as a team. Week 4 presented their best chance yet at getting their first franchise win, but they fell just short. They will no doubt try again next week.