Win ’20 Week 2 Power Rankings (Weeknights)

Tuesday, Jan 28, 2020


🔁 1) Honey Badgers (2-0): Defending champs are clicking already. No change in the roster: balanced scoring, devastating 3-pt shooting and stout defense.

🔁 2) NYK Spartans (2-0): The Sparty back court has provided very efficient scoring, they have two of the best in (G) Josh Hyon and (G) David Chu.

⬆️ 3) Shut ‘Em Down (2-0): New add (G) Christian Tirta has given SED a much-needed second scorer to complement the very prolific (G) Courteney Tabron.

⬆️ 4) Hakuna Matata (1-1): (F) Nalonte Barlow is in his bag right now.
⬆️ 5) PWC Vino (1-1): Solid front-court, but iffy 3-pt shooting.
⬆️ 6) C Men (0-2): Have scorers and move the ball well.
⬇️ 7) Hand Down, Man Down (0-2): Great parity in D1, they’ll make a move.
⬇️ 8) Age Up There (0-2): Missing key front court pieces so far.


⬆️ 1) YOLO (2-0): A strong start from this veteran roster, led by the strong front court play of (F) Claumar McRae.

⬆️ 2) Premature Shooters (1-0): Former MVP (F) Bobby Bruns is back with a roster that looks very similar to the one that won the Win ’18 D2 championship.

🔁 3) Gilet Jaunes (1-1): A little changeover, but another solid core here.
⬇️ 4) Shawn Kemp’s Kids (1-1): Deep, veteran roster due for title run.
⬇️ 5) Big Bookie Brand (0-1): Not a strong start, but lots of firepower here.
🔁 6) NY Dynasty (0-1): Solid veteran pieces, roster needs to be filled out.
🔁 7) Dutch Masters (0-1): Tough opener, but lots of time to build.


🔁 1) Sex Panthers (2-0): Defending champs have a deep, veteran back court with plenty of pedigree. Not much size, but (G) Ian Yu is one of the best guard rebounders ever in D3.

🔁 2) Spaghetti Ramen (2-0): Eventual first ballot Hall-of-Famer (G) Leuis Ng is still opening new bag of tricks, scoring an insane 37 ppg in his first 2 games this season.

⬆️ 3) 30-for-30 (2-0): Always solid, look ready to make a title run.
⬇️ 4) Smash N’ Bounce (0-1): No drop off, yet another contender in the mix.
⛔ 5) NYC Gritty Committee (0-1): Battle-tested vets always a contender.
🔁 6) Fun Guys (0-2): The West will be a much tougher road.
⛔ 7) Angry Potatoes (0-2): Rough start but (G) Brian Jeong is a top end scorer.


⬆️ 1) Team Texas (2-0): TEX have added a 2nd scorer (G) Erik Yamada to complement reigning D3E MVP (F) Alan Ueng. So far, so good.

⛔ 2) Pnest1 (1-1): Despite the loss to TEX, PS1 are still the deepest team in the East with tons of firepower, they’re built for a title run.

⬆️ 3) Supreme Team (1-0): Balanced, veteran team with stout defense.
⬇️ 4) Wolverines (1-1): Another defense-oriented with MVP candidate in (F) Nick Liveris.
⛔ 5) Ibaka Flaka Flame (1-1): Two very capable scorers in (G) Julian Choi & (F) Jin Tae Kim.
⬆️ 6) Black & Yellow (0-2): Solid pieces, offensive efficiency is the question mark.


⛔ 1) Ramen & Meatballs (2-0): Another branch of the Ramen tree, and they look like the team to beat so far, led by (F) Pat Lee.

⬆️ 2) The Renegades (1-0): Bolstered by an imposing front court, REN will be a tough team to beat all season.

⬆️ 3) Satriale’s (1-1): Led by heady guard play of (G) Andrew Farco.
⬇️ 4) NY Bricks (1-1): Bricks have a rebounding machine in rookie (F) Jake Reichel.
⛔ 5) Cash Considerations (0-2): Veteran group should make some noise in T8.
⬆️ 6) Space Jam 3 (0-2): New team with solid pieces. 3-pt shooting is a weakness.