We are now accepting registrations for the FALL 2023 SEASON with a target start date of SEPTEMBER 17 WEEK for all divisions.



The Dynasty League is currently offering three (3) competitive levels of play across two (2) different scheduling options:

WEEKNIGHTS – Games scheduled on Mon, Tue, Wed and/or Thu nights.

Monday – 3rd Division (Competitive)
Tuesday – 3rd Division (Casual)
Wednesday – 1st Division (Advanced)
Thursday – 2nd Division (Intermediate)

WEEKENDS – Games on Sunday mornings to evening.

Sunday – 3rd Division (Competitive)
Sunday – 3rd Division (Recreational)

PLEASE NOTE: 2nd and 3rd Division teams will not play across days. Each day is a separate league.


1ST DIVISION (Advanced/Intermediate) HS Varsity and small college exp. A short step down from Premier, but rosters are smaller in team height. Players 6-8 or above in height are generally asked to play in Premier. All rosters and subsequent roster additions are subject to league approval.

2ND DIVISION (Intermediate) HS varsity exp. For not-yet-ready-for-prime-time or serious competitors past their prime. Guard-heavy, generally few players over 6-4 in height. All rosters and subsequent roster additions are subject to league approval.

3RD DIVISION (Intermediate/Recreational) Recreational division for semi-serious players, the skill level caps at HS varsity or intramural. Teams generally have no players over 6-4 in height. All rosters and subsequent roster additions are subject to approval.


We use modified NBA rules. Click here for all Rules & Regulations.


LEAGUE FEE IS $1800 PER TEAM (taxes & fees included). Late Registration is $1850 per team.
– Guaranteed (8) scheduled games. For teams that qualify for playoffs, up to (12) games could be played.
– Up to (10) numbered TDL shirts per team. (More may be purchased as needed).
– Two certified IAABO referees per game.
– Single-elimination playoffs for eligible teams.
– Full season stat tracking. Career team & player archives.
– Team championship prizes.


To reserve your spot, please email with the following info:

TEAM NAME (can be changed later before first game).
DIVISION (competitive level desired).
EXPERIENCE (new teams, please include background info on team’s competitive level and past exp).

After your reservation is confirmed, a ROSTER FORM will be sent to captains to complete. Rosters must be submitted prior to the registration deadline: FRIDAY, SEPT 8.

Be advised that ROSTERS ARE SUBJECT TO LEAGUE APPROVAL. We do our best to maintain parity in each division because it keeps things competitive and interesting. Please help us maintain these standards.

LEAGUE FEES may be paid through Venmo, Paypal and Square. Payment info will be sent via email.

PERSONAL UNIFORMS DISCOUNT: We try to be a zero-waste league, so we also offer a $50 discount for teams reusing past jerseys or bringing their own. These jerseys must be matching colors with non-repeating numbers and must NOT include branding from other leagues.

FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE: Please be advised that spots are limited in each division (roughly 9 spots in each). If the division you’re requesting is full, you may have to play in a different division and adjust your roster accordingly.


1st Division (Wed) – FULL

1. (B. Huang)
2. TX Thunder (L. Ng)
3. Alligator Alliance (K. Ma)
4. NY Rockits (M. Look)
5. Most Hated (J. Martin)
6. Wolverines 4.0 (G. Beaubrun)
7. BING BONG (B. Munoz)^
8. Ratpack (A. Khader)
9. PWC Vino (D. Albright)
10. Just Fun Fun (C. Holder)*
— Waitlist available!

2nd Division (Thu) – FULL

1. 01Lakers (J. Contreras)
2. NJ Rockets (A. Chen)
3. Splashmakers (C. Klein)
4. Jeremy Lin’s Cousins (J. Lee)
5. Honey Badgers (Z. Moretti)
6. Reservoir Dogs (M. Dowell)
7. NYK Spartans (M. Lee)
8. GGininder (G. Chen)
9. Bean Boiis (T. Ngoge)*
10. Top Boy (K. Figaro)
Waitlist available!

3rd Division (Mon) – FULL

1. Spark Plugs (B. Jiang)
2. Manhattan Elite (J. Kung)
3. Mr. Beast (J. Xu)
4. Happy Hour (J. Appleby)
5. Texas Elite (A. Ueng)
6. Ibaka Flaka Flame (J. Xie)
7. Pippen Ain’t Easy (M. Luo)
8. NYK Red Devils (M. Lee)
9. Spaghetti Ramen (L. Ng)
10. Team Sky (Y. Yu)
— Waitlist available!

3rd Division (Tue) – FULL

1. Midwest Buckets (C. Yu)
2. Smash N Bounce (A. Tu)
3. JP Junior Varsity (T. Searle)
4. Ohana (T. Hoang)
5. Altus Group (M. Ferrigno)
6. Mid (A. Lee)*
7. What It Do Babyyy (J. Chan)
8. GGWP (C. He)
9. Pell (A. Nguyen)
10. Meat Ball Club (E. Ding)
— Waitlist available!

D3 (Sun) West – FULL

1. BING BONG (B. Munoz)
2. Big Bullies (T. Henderson)
3. Looney Goons (A. Chen)
4. New Regime (O. Durosoga)
5. SSD Elite (J. Robbins)*
6. Big Song Lil Wong (J. Wong)
7. Demon Buddies (H. Li)*
8. NY Rockits (M. Look)
9. NY Bruins (S. Noh)*
10. Ice In My Veins (P. Cho)
11. Spring Bag (W. Zheng)*
12. Reservoir Dogs (M. Dowell)

Waitlist available!

3rd Division (Sun) East

1. Purple Cobras (O. Olivo)
2. Goon Squad (J. Lau)
3. Brick Squad (D. Tian)
4. Ball is Life (D. Shi)
5. TPE Tigers (D. Teng)*
6. Sunday Sauce (C. Mollin)*
7. Supreme Team (R. Kim)
8. Alligator Alliance (F. Li)*
9. Asian Power (G. Huang)*
10. Pogi Points (J. Puno)
11. Brotherhood Without Banners (S. King)
12. Starting 5 (A. Poon)*

Italics – Reserved
BOLD – Confirmed
* New Team
^ Level Up