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Introducing the 2023 Summer Field of Teams (So Far)

1st Division (Wednesday)

1. PWC Vino (D. Albright)
2. @GoodRun.app (B. Huang)
3. TX Thunder (L. Ng)
4. NYK Spartans (M. Lee)
5. Alligator / Shorties (K. Ma)
6. Asphalt Ninjas (W. Lew)
7. Max’s All-Stars (M. Margulis)^

REGISTRATION STILL OPEN! Deadline to sign up is FRIDAY, MAY 26. Season will tip off WEDNESDAY, MAY 31.

2nd Division (Thursday)

1. NJ Rockets (A. Chen)
2. GGininder (G. Chen)
3. Honey Badgers (Z. Moretti)
4. LA Hoopers (D. Smith)
5. Splashmakers (C. Klein)
6. YOLO (C. Lee)
7. 01Lakers (J. Contreras)
8. Texas Elite (A. Ueng)
9. NY Rockits (M. Look)

3rd Division (Monday)

1. Knickerbockers (J. Wang)
2. Manhattan Elite (J. Kung)^
3. Mr. Beast (J. Xu)
4. NYK Red Devils (M. Lee)
5. Spaghetti Ramen (L. Ng)
6. Happy Hour (J. Appleby)^
7. Team Sky (Y. Yu)
8. Buck$ Clan (H. Bell)
9. Pippen Ain’t Easy (M. Luo)
10. Spark Plugs (B. Jiang)

3rd Division (Tuesday)

1. East Coast Buckets (C. Yu)
2. 10 Freaky Guy$ (M. Lee)
3. Altus Group (M. Ferrigno)
4. JP Junior Varsity (T. Searle)
5. Reservoir Dogs (M. Dowell)
6. Bicoastal Baddies (K. Hsu)
7. BING BONG (B. Munoz)
8. Smash N Bounce (A. Tu)
9. GGWP (C. He)^
10. Pell (K. Lin)^

3rd Division (Sunday)

1. Ball Is Life (J. Sun)
2. Pacific (M. Chang)
3. Big Bullies (T. Henderson)
4. BING BONG (B. Munoz)
5. Looney Goons (A. Chen)^
6. Bucket Boys (X. Harmon)
7. Goon Squad (J. Lau)
8. Purple Cobras (O. Olivo)
9. Big Song, Lil Wong (J. Wong)
10. Team Desai (A. Desai)^
11. True Step PT (H. Lin)
12. Tp Hoopers (S. Palacios)^

Italics – Interested
^ New Team