Win ’20 Mid-Season Power Rankings (Sundays)

Saturday, Feb 15, 2020


⬆️ 1) X-Clan (3-1): Most of D2’s top teams have beaten each other, but only X has wins vs TWO teams in the Top 5. (F) Andre Nixon & (F) Marvin Billups have been a formidable 1-2 punch.

⬆️ 1) The Lizards (3-1): Despite an ugly loss to 50S in their opener, LIZ gets the #2 spot as the only team to beat X-Clan. It’s no coincidence this surge comes with (G) Joe Zenz‘s improved play.

⬇️ 3) 50 Shades of Klay (3-1): Love the small ball and (F) David Herren is putting up First Team #s. Tough defense and four legit scoring threats have Shades looking very strong right now.

🔁 4) Spaghetti Ramen (3-0): Small ball 🔥 but Ws vs teams w/ only 1 combined win.
⬇️ 5) United Nations (3-1): D2 is top heavy this season and it’s about to get tougher.
🔁 6) No Fly Zone (1-3): Inconsistent roster holding them back, but they’re in the mix.
🔁 7) Keep That Same Energy (1-1): (F) Adesoji James balling out. Just need to get hot.
🔁 8) Raining Rosebuds (0-4): Missing a big piece with no (G/F) Daren Seto.
🔁 9) Thank U, Next (0-4): Shooting well enough, but have struggled on D.


🔁 1) OMB (3-1): Their only loss came to a D2 contender, they are otherwise dominating the field. (F) Peter Tsevdos and (F) Isaac Gabel-Frank lead the way.

🔁 2) Swish Cheese (2-1): Wins include a D2 team, and their only loss came to OMB. The Swish are right where they need to be. (F) Michael Clifton is an MVP candidate this season.

⬆️ 3) TAP NY (3-1): Veterans (G) Will Chu and (F) Kenny Liu are about as good a 1-2 combo as you’re gonna find. And (C) Jordan Calhoun appears to be getting his sea legs back, too.

⬇️ 4) Bucket Boys (3-1): Looking very solid, but so far no wins vs any other Top 4 team.
⬆️ 5) Ice In My Veins (2-2): Haven’t beaten a Top 4 team either, but are trending that way.
⬆️ 6) Airballers (2-1): (F) Albert Hei is balling out for undersized AIR. Solid effort all around.
⬆️ 7) Ball Is Life (1-2): Ballers have played well enough, just fallen a little short so far.
⬇️ 8) Goon Squad (0-3): Goonies need consistency in their personnel. The pieces are there.
🔁 9) The Handsome Boys (0-3): (F) Connor Dawson is a beast. Boys are not that far away.