Win ’20 Mid-Season Power Rankings (Weeknights)

Tuesday, Feb 11, 2020


🔁 1) Honey Badgers (4-0): The most prolific offense in D1 and sharp-shooter (G) Sammy Merkin (26.8 ppg, 7.3 3pg) looks like he’s just getting started. The kid can fire it up.

🔁 2) NYK Spartans (4-0): They’re top-heavy, but (G) David Chu (23.8 ppg) & (G) Josh Hyon (19.8 ppg) are the best scoring back court in D1. Maybe best starting 5 in D1.

🔁 3) Shut ‘Em Down (3-2): Hit a couple of speed bumps, but this is still a veteran, playoff-tested roster with two legit scorers. They’re not going anywhere.

⬆️ 4) PWC Vino (2-2): (F) Justin Hopton has been huge for VIN’s improved play.
⬆️ 5) Hand Down, Man Down (2-3): Much improved, living their lives 3 pts at a time.
⬇️ 6) Hakuna Matata (1-3): (F) Elijah St. Hilaire and (F) Nalonte Barlow all day.
⬆️ 7) Age Up There (1-3): Will veteran (F) Joe Vines spark the turnaround?
⬇️ 8) C Men (0-4): 5-8 rookie (G) Michael Gatan gets buckets (and cookies).


🔁 1) YOLO (2-0): Holding strong at #1 with the best point differential in D2 and two quality wins vs BBB and SKK. Balanced all-around effort from a physical, defensive-minded team.

⬆️ 2) Gilet Jaunes (3-1): Even with new scorers fronting the band, GIL are right back where they want to be. Stout and versatile defensive front line has been their m.o.

⬆️ 3) Big Bookie Brand (2-1): Making a move with (G) Sammy Merkin percolating.
🔁 4) Shawn Kemp’s Kids (2-2): (G) Donovan Walsh‘s been ice cold, so expect a surge soon.
⬆️ 5) NY Dynasty (2-2): Undersized, but when shooting well, can score with anyone.
⬇️ 6) Premature Shooters (1-3): Premo stumbling, but have the personnel to turn it around.
🔁 7) Dutch Masters (0-3): Dutchy needs scoring, defense has been solid.


⬆️ 1) Spaghetti Ramen (4-0): If you thought MVP (G) Leuis Ng couldn’t get any better, he’s playing at a career-high scoring clip this season at 25.8 ppg with his team at 4-0.

⬇️ 2) Sex Panthers (3-2): Veteran Panthers aren’t always at their best in the regular season, it’s the playoffs where they play their best ball. (F) Dooley Watts return is a welcome addition.

⬆️ 3) Fun Guys (2-2): Balanced roster finding a groove with two straight wins.
⬇️ 4) 30-for-30 (2-2): Scoring has been a bit of a struggle this season.
⬆️ 5) Angry Potatoes (1-2): (G/F) Brian Jeong‘s 29.3 ppg leads all scorers league-wide.
⬇️ 6) NYC Gritty Comm. (1-2): Shade below ANP for loss, but win vs SXP means high ceiling.
⬇️ 7) Smash N Bounce (0-4): Biggest surprise so far, but it’s a very tough field.


🔁 1) Team Texas (5-0): Carrying the division’s deepest and most balanced roster, TEX is dominating the East. The win vs PS1 leaves no doubt Team Texas is the one to beat.

🔁 2) Pnest1 (4-1): Loaded with firepower, PS1 has 4 players who can get you 20 points in any game. (G) Vegas Dave Wong (21.6 ppg) continues to be the best 40+ year-old scorer in the league.

⬆️ 3) Ibaka Flaka Flame (2-2): Tough L to PS1, but two wins before that is promising.
⬇️ 4) Supreme Team (3-1): Lots of perimeter scoring, less interior presence than past teams.
⬇️ 5) Wolverines (2-3): Veteran team hanging in, but inconsistent.
🔁 6) Black & Yellow (1-3): Adding do-it-all (G) Kali Pearson could make things interesting.


🔁 1) Ramen & Meatballs (3-1): No surprise here, this veteran team should be everyone’s favorite to win The Ocho. Balanced all-around roster with very solid depth.

🔁 2) The Renegades (2-1): Like SPR above, the Rens’ only loss has been to a D3 team so far. Big, physical team that should out-rebound all others, but 3-pt shooting has been a weakness.

🔁 3) Satriale’s (2-1): Solid so far, will find out shortly where they stand vs the Top 2.
🔁 4) NY Bricks (1-3): (F/C) Jake Reichel’s voracity for rebounding is a new dimention to BRI.
🔁 5) Cash Considerations (0-3): Roster consistency always an issue, but the core is solid.
🔁 6) Space Jam 3 (0-5): Tough season for the Jam but (F) Garrett Gabianelli has been 💪.